3 Offer Negotiation Tactics That Everyone Can Benefit From

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I spend my time as a Talent Acquisition Manager so it’s pretty common for folks to reach out to me for advice about offer negotiations. I’m here to summarize 3 tips and tricks that you can incorporate into your next or current job search. 

Don’t ever play the game of “I’m flexible, I’m open to any compensation” 

I cringe when I hear these words because you definitely have an opinion about your compensation–and if you don’t, you should! Come into any compensation conversation with an opinion. Do your research and figure out what you are looking for from a compensation perspective. 

Ok, so you got an offer (woo!), but it’s not the base or total number you were looking for. Be cool, because this is your time to negotiate and own your power in the situation. 

Tell your recruiter that: 

a) you are so excited about the opportunity and grateful for the offer you have

b) BUT you were wondering if there was some wiggle room to get your base to X or total number to X. Don’t skip part a–that’s important. 


For the people in the back, don’t hold back your excitement. 

Some folks will try to play it really cool during the offer negotiation, but make sure the recruiter and the team know you are excited. No one wants to go up to bat for the guy who kind of likes you–you go to bat for the guy who will stand out in the rain with a stereo. You can be excited, while also letting them know that you may need to walk away from the opportunity if the compensation is not right. 


Whether you are currently on the market or will be in the future, I hope you can incorporate these tactics into your offer negotiation. 


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