6 Steps For Job Searching During the Coronavirus Outbreak

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I know right now it’s scary, folks are worried about job security and maybe you even have experienced a lay-off firsthand. There’s a lot of uncertainty, but if you are job searching during the coronavirus outbreak, do NOT listen to the guy who says timing is bad, that’s obvious. Instead be smart and strategize your job search using these steps.

Step 1: Which Companies Are gaining from the Coronavirus outbreak?

Know your market. During any economic decline there are companies that are hit hard and fast, and then there are companies who benefit. Coronavirus is no different.

Right now, I’m looking at the market and industries that I would look into if I was job searching. One that comes to mind are telehealth companies. They have a lot to gain as health insurance companies are turning to them in this current crisis. 

Another interesting idea: telecommunication companies. Many companies are being forced to invest in technology so that they can connect with their workforce when working from home. I’m thinking of companies like Zoom or Slack

Another idea, toilet paper companies…kidding. But I would dig into e-commerce/grocery companies such as Walmart and Amazon

What industries/companies can you think of? 

Step 2: Review Your List of Companies To Research

Evaluate your list of industries and companies. Are there any industries that have close ties to your current/most recent industry? Be really thoughtful during this stage–don’t just apply to all the companies from list one. Narrow it down a little and you may also discover more companies to look into. 

Step 3: Leverage Your Network During Your Job Search

It’s time to really back into your search and leverage that network. Using your network is crucial to job searching during the coronavirus outbreak. With your list of companies from step 2 in hand, it’s time to turn to LinkedIn. Search your connections to see if anyone you know currently works for or used to work for the companies on your list. 

If no 1st level connections work there, turn to 2nd level connections. 

Now, it’s time to reach out. You may be thinking, I haven’t looked at the career site–don’t worry, we’ll get to that. But first, time to reach out–and not in a needy way. Customize each message based on your relationship with the person. For folks you are close with, you can be more conversational and for others, you may need to adjust the approach. When sending an email or InMail, think about who you are trying to reach. 

Example Template: 

Hi X, 

I hope this message finds you safe and healthy! I know you are at (insert company) currently, how are you liking it?  I’m really enjoying my time at (insert current company), but we have already seen a pretty direct impact on our business due to coronavirus so I’m beginning to put out feelers.  Do you have time to chat this week? 

Would love to hear how your time at (insert company) is going so far and learn more about potential opportunities. 

Let me know!  

(insert your name) 

Step 4: Create Your Job Search Tracker…And Apply!

While you are waiting to hear back from folks (who knows, maybe you got some immediate replies!), it’s time to turn to the job boards. Take time to stalk each company’s career page. Take note of open roles in a job search tracker and write down why you are a fit for each role. 

Step 5: Customize – Be Better Than Buzzwords

Customize your resume for each of the open roles–adjust the experiences that tie into the roles as you see fit. You may need to spend more time on customizing your resume for certain roles, but make sure to take the time. Don’t worry about the cover letter! 

Step 6: Rapport Building

By now, maybe some of your contacts on LinkedIn have already reached out, jump on those calls. Learn more about the company and get a sense of their state and actively listen to the person, focus on that rapport building! 

Then when the conversation is at that right inflection point, mention how you saw and applied for a role on the site and take a quick moment to a) explain why it piqued your interest and b) why you are the right fit (very quick–like 30 seconds flat). 

Then ask, “I’m really excited about this role, do you have any insight into the position? And if not, could you be a resource to me and connect me with the person who is hiring for this role?” 

See what the person says–it could be a million different answers and about half of those responses will get you closer to the role. 

All About that extra leg Work – Job Searching During The CoronaVirus Outbreak

I know firsthand from my friends, peers, and family that it’s a scary time with a lot of job uncertainty, and with that candidates need to do the extra leg work by strategizing and not jump haphazardly into a job search.  Be smart and be strategic. Just because some folks are panicking, doesn’t mean that you have to while you’re job searching during the coronavirus outbreak. You’ve got this.


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