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spending changes during COVID-19

How Has Our Spending Changed During COVID-19

It’s no surprise that the past 7 months have been quite different than any other time, and it’s interesting to reflect on how our spending changes during COVID-19 and even how our values have adapted around spending.

Getting Back To It: Money Mindset and Side Hustles (5 to 9)

We haven’t written on BFC for a while, and really I’ve struggled putting pen to paper over the past few months to talk about personal finance. So much has happened over the past 8 months and I had to muddle over how these changes have impacted my view and relationship with money.


Update on the Homefront: How is Lady Winthrop?

I’ve always referred to our house as a female, but she didn’t have a name until this week. The name is Lady Winthrop and she’s a complete bad*ss who at times has struggled with her makeover.

Financial Intimacy at Work!

The Life Shuffle Applied to Finances

While Brene applied the principle to life in general and how to acknowledge our vulnerabilities & fears and to reality check, this section also felt relevant to finance. I envision those 10 cards as different pieces of our financial puzzle. And each of those cards represents your expectations around your finances – it’s everything that’s holding your financial puzzle together.

reassessing financial goals

Reassessing Financial Goals in the Wake of COVID-19

Are you a planner? I’m 100% a planner. My vanity may be a mess, but my life is centered around goals and plans. I maintain an amount of flexibility, but for 2020, due to this pandemic we are all facing, there is a whole new level of flexibility required, especially when it comes to financial goals.

house hacking

Finding A Property for House Hacking

Nick and I’s house search started back in November and the key criteria for our first home: the rental income from the property should cover the full mortgage payment.