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spending changes during COVID-19

How Has Our Spending Changed During COVID-19

It’s no surprise that the past 7 months have been quite different than any other time, and it’s interesting to reflect on how our spending changes during COVID-19 and even how our values have adapted around spending.

Getting Back To It: Money Mindset and Side Hustles (5 to 9)

We haven’t written on BFC for a while, and really I’ve struggled putting pen to paper over the past few months to talk about personal finance. So much has happened over the past 8 months and I had to muddle over how these changes have impacted my view and relationship with money.


Update on the Homefront: How is Lady Winthrop?

I’ve always referred to our house as a female, but she didn’t have a name until this week. The name is Lady Winthrop and she’s a complete bad*ss who at times has struggled with her makeover.

reassessing financial goals

Reassessing Financial Goals in the Wake of COVID-19

Are you a planner? I’m 100% a planner. My vanity may be a mess, but my life is centered around goals and plans. I maintain an amount of flexibility, but for 2020, due to this pandemic we are all facing, there is a whole new level of flexibility required, especially when it comes to financial goals.

The Fire Movement Will Be Ignited By a Recession, Not Doused

The New York Times falsely assumes that the FIRE movement will lose steam in a recession. The opposite is true: the FIRE movement will only gain momentum as people realize the false security of their day jobs and the importance of emergency funds and diversified income.