Financial Independence

The Fire Movement Will Be Ignited By a Recession, Not Doused

The New York Times falsely assumes that the FIRE movement will lose steam in a recession. The opposite is true: the FIRE movement will only gain momentum as people realize the false security of their day jobs and the importance of emergency funds and diversified income.

lifestyle inflation

lifestyle Inflation

Lifestyle inflation refers to an increase in spending when an individual’s income goes up. And in some ways, this change in habits is built into our culture. Isn’t that the point of making more money?

building your first budget

Step by Step Guide to Building Your First Budget

With a budget system in place, you have the structure and reflection period to be mindful about your spending. Reframe the word budget, because building your first budget can be one of the most financially freeing actions to take.

Buying a house

Honey, I’m home!

Things are about to get interesting since Nick and I just started our biggest adventure yet…we bought a house! Specifically a 3 unit multi-family. We don’t have lessons or takeaways, since we are just at the beginning of this part of the journey, but we are so excited to call a place our home and share the experience as it comes.