Financial Intimacy

Financial Intimacy at Work!

The Life Shuffle Applied to Finances

While Brene applied the principle to life in general and how to acknowledge our vulnerabilities & fears and to reality check, this section also felt relevant to finance. I envision those 10 cards as different pieces of our financial puzzle. And each of those cards represents your expectations around your finances – it’s everything that’s holding your financial puzzle together.

Buying a house

Honey, I’m home!

Things are about to get interesting since Nick and I just started our biggest adventure yet…we bought a house! Specifically a 3 unit multi-family. We don’t have lessons or takeaways, since we are just at the beginning of this part of the journey, but we are so excited to call a place our home and share the experience as it comes.

boston fire couple

Welcome to Boston FIRE Couple

We’re sharing our journey together because too often financial independence is discussed as a personal journey, when no one lives their lives alone.