How To Crush Valentine’s Day without Breaking the Bank

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First off, I have to admit that I appreciate Valentine’s Day. I watched Valentine’s Day the movie growing up so that movie made me fall in love with this cutesy day that’s solely meant for flowers, candy, and cards. Secondly, the family next door to mine growing up owned a flower shop so that may have fostered the appreciation. 

BUT, what I don’t like about the holiday is the pressure to blow up your monthly expenses to say I love you, since I’m a firm believer that there are so many other ways to express your appreciation to your loved ones. 

And that is why I’m writing about Valentine’s Day in a financial independence blog–so let’s get to it. Here is my rundown of ways to acknowledge the day without going overboard.  

  1. Cook dinner together. Nick and I are big fans of cooking together and Valentine’s Day is no different. Cooking together can be so much more romantic than eating in a crowded restaurant. Avoid the dinner rush and stay home–put the V-day spotify playlist on and light some candles for that extra touch. 
  2. Homemade chocolate covered strawberries. Chocolate covered strawberries are pretty expensive for no good reason, but you can make them yourself for ~$7–buy some chocolate and strawberries and bam–you’ve got V-day approved dessert.
  1. Forego the stuffed bear and flowers. For every special occasion, Nick has written me a letter and I cherish those letters than any gift I have received. Nick and I don’t exchange gifts for Valentine’s Day, but we definitely exchange letters and that makes V-day something to look forward to.  
  2. Homemade heart shaped sugar cookies. For your Galentines, bake heart shaped cookies. 

Nick’s Take

I think it’s important for you and your partner to align on Valentine’s Day expectations.  This is one discussion topic within the larger realm of financial intimacy, but it’s an important one.  In many different situations (wedding rings, gifts, etc.) our culture has laid out a simple equation: Love equals the amount of money you’re willing to spend on me.  But who actually wins in that equation? The credit card companies, that’s who.  

Wrap it Up

No matter what you decide to do this Valentine’s Day, know that it’s not something to stress out about financially. You can skip the day completely or you can make the day special in your own way. There are so many holidays with set expectations of what you should do, so skip the expectations and decide what feels right to from an emotional/values perspective and of course, financially! 

Happy Valentine’s Day,

Hannah + Nick 


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2 thoughts on “How To Crush Valentine’s Day without Breaking the Bank”

  1. Enjoyed reading your prospective. I think the challenge comes with envy with red roses show up at a co-workers desk.
    For me being married almost 35 years, I agree with you that it can run into huge costs. Butch and I keep it simple. We should show we love each other each day not just the commercially made one!

    Happy Valentines Day❤️ Enjoy the way you choose!


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