Update on the Homefront: How is Lady Winthrop?

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I’ve always referred to our house as a female, but she didn’t have a name until this week. The name is Lady Winthrop and she’s a complete bad*ss who at times has struggled with her makeover. I can understand why, she’s been her dreamy self since 1893 and let’s face it, folks don’t always like change. 

I’m writing to provide an update on the homefront. Our tenants for unit 1 & 2 moved in April 1st and we are in the midst of renovating unit 3. Mostly, we are making some cosmetic changes to make this place a bit cleaner and also durable for future tenants. 

I could tell you the reno has been dreamy, but c’mon, Lady Winthrop is pretty mature so we find things…and we also break things. 

Key updates:

Cabinets are in!

We went for a simple white shaker cabinet to keep with Lady Winthrop’s traditional look. The cabinets came and then I realized that our house was built in 1893 meaning the doors are either massive 36” or tiny 29”. And because of our 29” doors we ended up struggling for hours to get a lovely lazy susan up the stairs. We even took two doors out to get the lazy susan in. Lady Winthrop didn’t like that and we ended up bursting a copper pipe in the process (whoops, I’m sorry Lady Winthrop). 

Floors are in and installed in the main living area!

We went for a manufactured bamboo floor, it’s a bit hardier than laminate and more durable than hardwood flooring. Our unit is actually the only unit that had carpet and no hardwood underneath, but that’s ok, we went for a floor that has that rustic look. 

Painted (on repeat)

At this point we have painted every single room in all three units so at this point we’re considering going into the painting business.  We’re basically pros already.

What’s up ahead?

We will be installing the rest of the cabinets, getting our counters measured, and then wrapping up some tile work. There are some tiny details that we’ll add to really make her shine. We’ll continue to keep you posted on the reno and of course, an update when we move in!


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